Sports Vision Assistant

Languages: English & Spanish

An incredible person, athlete, and student, Lili is currently studying Health and Human Sciences at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. With a huge love for sports, Lili hopes to soon pursue a career in physical therapy. She is currently a member of her school’s ROTC program, and plans to one day be a physical therapist in the Air Force. Lili is Belay Certified for rock climbing, and loves spending her free time with friends, family, and playing her ukulele. Lili is truly one of the friendliest people you could meet and has a smile that can brighten up the whole room. We hope you get a chance to meet her during your visit here at SCO!

The Fun Stuff

Hobbies: Rock Climbing & Photography

Bucket List: See The Northern Lights

Theme Song: Heaven Falls - Surfaces

Interesting Fact: Lili Loves Weight-Lifting

Lili's Favorites

Movie: Tangled

Dessert: Han’s Ice Cream

TV Show: Stranger Things

Musician: Surfaces

Restaurant: Blue Bowl

Movie Genre: Drama & Action

Eyewear Brand: Ray Ban

¿ Funky Questions ?


Q: If Peanut Butter wasn’t called Peanut Butter, what would it be called?

A: Peanut Jam


Q: Favorite Smell?

A: New Shoes


Q: What's Your Go-To At Starbucks?

A: Caramel Macchiato with an Extra Shot (Or Two) :P