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At Duke University a team of psychologists specializing in visual perception and attention brought together 500 students to test Nike’s vapor strobe technology. Utilizing varsity athletes from sports as varied as football, soccer, and basketball as well as some recreational athletes the study noted improvements in sensitivity to motion and the ability for the athletes who had trained with the vapor strobe glasses to recognize brief visual cues present for only 100 milliseconds. The study went on to state that “stroboscopic training does seem to enhance vision and attention.”

So…what does all this mean to you?

For basketball players it can mean improved passing ability and better peripheral awareness so you can see more of the court.

For football players it can mean superior concentration and better accuracy judging the path of a ball in flight.

For soccer players it can mean enhanced ability to judge the speed and distance of a ball coming down field.

THIS ---->https://surfcityoptometry.com/sports-vision-training/what-s-your-game.html

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