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If you are serious about taking your sports vision training to the next level, Visual Speed offers Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Glasses. Vapor Strobe technology is designed to retrain your senses by limiting the amount of the available visual information. As the glasses strobe, from clear vision to blocked, your brain is forced to anticipate what will happen next and react accordingly. As you improve, you can vary the rate of the strobing effect to intensify vision training drills, or even block one lens completely to focus on single-eye training.

The result: quicker reaction times, faster responses, better visualization technique, and increased dynamic visual acuity. It's still you, only better.

LCD Lenses enable students-athletes to wear the goggles for sports vision training while in-office, on-field and on-court

Designed to train focus, timing, imagery, reaction, balance, and peripheral vision.

Adjustable, one size fits all

Tested and approved by professional athletes

Call 714-848-1400 for pricing and availability.

Football Training with Vapor Strobe Glasses

Basketball Training with Vapor Strobe Glasses

Baseball Training with Vapor Strobe Glasses

Soccer Training with Vapor Strobe Glasses

THIS ---->https://surfcityoptometry.com/sports-vision-training/nike-vapor-strobe-glasses.html

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