Office Extraordinaire

Languages: English, Tagalog, Chamorro, and Spanish

Born and raised on the island of Guam, Chelsea, also known as Chels and Che, has worked at Surf City Optometry for the past 2 years. In that time frame, Chelsea has taken on many roles throughout our office, including patient care coordinator, front desk assistant, biller, vision therapy assistant, and sports vision assistant. What can’t she do!? Chelsea received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University Fullerton and plans to pursue a career in Optometry or Occupational Therapy. In her free time Chelsea loves to hang out with her fiancee and fur children (animals, that wasn’t a misspelling of four :p), hike mountains, play video games and take awesome photos. If you are in need of a great picture in your new glasses, definitely stop by Chelsea’s desk for an awesome shot!

The Fun Stuff

Hobbies: Photography & Writing

Bucket List: Climb Mt. Fuji

Theme Song: Three Little Birds

Interesting Fact: Chelsea Attended High School in Japan

Chelsea's Favorites

Movie: Harry Potter

Dessert: Leche Flan

TV Show: Game of Thrones

Musician: The Beatles

Restaurant: WingStop

Movie Genre: Horror & Comedy

Eyewear Brand: Ray-Ban & Tom Ford

¿ Funky Questions ?


Q: If Peanut Butter wasn’t called Peanut Butter, what would it be called?

A: PeeBee


Q: Favorite Smell?

A: Pumping Gasoline


Q: What's Your Go-To At Starbucks?

A: Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato w/ An Extra Shot